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For our customers who need more than just papers destroyed, we have the solution! We can shred even the toughest hard drives, no need to worry about whether your information really is deleted or not!

How We Do It​

Our on site destruction methods break hard disk drives by cutting platters to the point that spinning them is impossible, with equipment manufactured for this purpose, taking the information stored on each platter of a drive and making it inaccessible. Our machinery can destroy solid state drives into minuscule pieces that can’t be put back together. We also offer serial number recordation for the customers records, if required. While crushing a drive may destroy some of its data, shredding a drive renders the information completely inaccessible. Our industrial equipment slices through drives easily, allowing us to recycle them and do our part in maintaining our planet’s resources!

Hard Drive Shredding Remnants
Shredded Hard Drive

Why We Do It

The protection of your information is our primary goal. We proudly offer AAA NAID certified protection for your information in printed and electronic form. We utilize secure recycling of all electronic waste and are happy to do our part to provide a secure, sustainable solution to your stored information.