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Secure Document Destruction

Your documents are confidential and they should remain that way - even through the destruction process. With Direct Shred, you can be assured that your confidential documents will be completely destroyed, before ever leaving your location.

Convient On-Site Destruction
On-Site Shredding

Document Bins and Regular Destruction

Does your business have a consistent amount of documentation that needs destruction? Our secure document bins bins provide a place for you to collect your items in preparation for regularly scheduled document destruction.

Hard Drive Destruction

Paper isn’t the only thing that holds sensitive information! While computer hard drives can be reformatted to remove information, physical destruction is the preferred method to ensure that sensitive information remains confidential. With our on site destruction methods, you can be sure that your hard drives are completely destroyed.

Shredded Hard Drive
Efficient Document Destruction

Residential Document Destruction

Protecting your identity is crucial. With so many paper copies in our homes containing social security numbers, account numbers, and other sensitive information, it is critical to protect that information when disposing of it. Whether you need a yearly clean out of records or a one time destruction of archives, we are here to help you safely protect your identity.

i-SIGMA Member
Greater Jackson Chamber
Better Business Bureau

Our Promise

We promise to deliver secure and dependable information destruction to West Tennessee businesses and individuals in a timely manner, while maintaining fair prices and service that remains customer focused.